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The Twisted SNAKE’s Adventures

This one use the whole power of the arduino (in fact I only use the arduino IDE with an atmega328p and an in-circuit programmer).

Game features :

  • Full IA system (sheep avoid you, screen’s corners, water… and never get stuck)
  • Color themes (they also change the in-game colors)
  • Music (can be muted in the pause menu)
  • Runs at 50 FPS with rendering, screen communication, collisions, AI, music, score counting…
  • Menus to set everything (color theme, sensitivity, level…)
  • You can write your name in the highscore
  • Tutorial & level select
  • Fancy animations, text shadowing and things like that

PS : I die a lot because it’s difficult to play through my DSLR screen… but I achieved to score 9 in “Real Life” level ! :D

Edit : Hackaday post ! \o/

Sep 29, 2012 @ 10:26